Why Homemade Baby Food is the Best in the World!

While I was still an expecting mother I would go to various supermarkets or food stores and check out the range of baby food they had. I would reach for a product and pay particular attention to the ingredients listed. Some canned foods did not please me too much especially ones that had added sugar, modified starch or something else in it. While these ingredients are not dangerous they do take away from other healthier ingredients that could have gone into making that canned food. How hard is it to give a ripe banana to your baby that as parents you have to go get it from a store because a reputable baby food company made it? Not hard at all. You get a clean bowl, peel the banana skin off, mash banana with a fork and feed that to your baby. A great meal, so little effort and how much did it cost? You do the maths. A few of my friends would stew fruit like apples, pears, peaches or any fruit suitable for stewing. Of course you would peel and core these fruits first. If you are too nervous to start making your own homemade cuisine for baby then try rice cereal as most introduce this to baby first.

Sometimes when water is added, ask yourself are you getting value for money. Many commercial baby foods are quite costly. This was why I felt I could make it myself at a far lesser price. Most of the food you need to make for baby is already in your pantry example, potatoes, carrots, spinach, pumpkins and so on. russian chocolate

Which brings me to my third reason that homemade food gives you the total control to know exactly what you are putting into your baby’s food. Initially, it may be good to start with one type of vegetable or fruit. Give this to baby for about 4 or 5 days on top of breast milk or formula to see if baby is allergic to any food groups. If all goes well then introduce something else and continue doing the 4 or 5 days test until you know that baby is enjoying the foods. This is what I used to do and it really worked. At about 9 or 10 months it is good to start giving baby meatier foods like chicken, beef or fish. If you decide to use fish please be very careful of tiny bones.

Also homemade food is usually delicious. You can serve up such gourmet Great love and joy comes from home cooking and a real sense of satisfaction that this is for a very special new person in your lives. To this day, my children tell me how scrumptious my cooking is and they are very adaptable to trying out different kinds of food. They were such bonnie babies that people would ask what I was feeding them! While I have no substantial evidence that their well-being was due to my earliest introduction to homemade cooking. However, I believe it has put them in good stead in life. Homemade cooking comes from creations of the heart so its bound to be tasteful and have many combinations to keep baby interested in eating. My babies would devour pureed foods like sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, spinach and rice combinations! Try not to salt the food as baby can experience the natural flavours of the foods. Well that should conclude my fourth reason and bring this page to an end.

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