Catching Rainbow Trout: 3 Tips to Help Anyone Catch More Rainbow Trout

Now that spring has officially “sprung” many people turn their attention towards catching rainbow trout and since I have been fishing for and catching these beautiful fish for more than two decades I figured I would outline 3 of the most effective tips that I have ever come across for enticing these multi colored beauties to bite the end of my line. All 3 tips are simple and can be implemented by virtually anyone.

Truth be told, catching rainbow trout normally isn’t all that difficult, especially if you are dealing with trout that have been planted or stocked. Fish that have been stocked usually aren’t that difficult to catch and in many cases are quite easy to “fool” especially right after they are released, but after a rainbow trout has had time to acclimate to its surrounding the degree of difficulty when it comes to catching them can increase exponentially. For that reason, committing as many simple tips as you can to memory can make you a much more efficient and effective angler when it comes to catching rainbow trout. There is no doubt that the following 3 tips will serve this purpose and help virtually anyone catch more rainbow trout on their next fishing excursion.


    • Use Power Bait – This tip is for those of you who are going to fish in a lake for trout that have been stocked (or planted). Power Bait (the colorful trout bait that is sold in small jars) is difficult to beat when it comes to fishing for these fish in a lake. The best way to use this particular bait is to bottom fish (sometimes referred to as “still fishing”) while using a #12 or even #18 treble hook. The bait is molded around the treble hook so that none of the metal from the hook is showing and it is “still fished” in a lake that has been stocked with rainbow trout. Fishing lures


    • River Fish With Live Worms – If you are fishing in a river for rainbow trout live worms are difficult to beat when it comes to bait. A live worm that is “drift fished” (which means allowed to flow naturally with the current of the river) is difficult to beat when it comes to fishing for our friends known as rainbow trout when they are in the flowing water of a river.


  • Use The Weather To Your Advantage – There are very few things that impact the activity level of fish like the movement of frontal systems in our atmosphere, which is to say the weather. The weather will impact your ability to catch fish by making the fish that you are attempting to catch more or less active. So, you want to make sure that you are on the water when the weather is in your favor, which can be learned by discovering the simple ways in which frontal systems impact fish behavior. By doing this you will be using the weather to your advantage and you will start experiencing more success.

The aforementioned 3 simple tips will help anyone catch more rainbow trout the next time that they head out in search of these beautiful fish. Add one or all of them to your repertoire sooner, rather than later.

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